About Us.

Matonyok in Maasai means “make the effort”

Matonyok Children’s Home has committed itself to help children who are neglected, orphaned, and those whose parents have died due to HIV/AIDS, sexual abuse, and many other issues.

Join hands with us and give these children the opportunity to study, live a comfortable life and excel in life.


The mission of Matonyok Children’s Home is to influence and to inspire the surrounding community to provide their children with a basic level of education. We also hope to help families who can’t afford the cost of school fees and improve the living standards of the community as a whole. Furthermore, we plan to establish a programme to teach the children about HIV/AIDS awareness.


Our vision is to ensure disabled orphans, street children from difficult circumstances enjoy a full and decent life. We believe every child should be given the opportunity to achieve a greater degree of self- reliance and social integration in a dignified manner.


  • To identify those areas where children’s rights are violated.

  • To inspire and help the community to educate.

  • To develop each Matonyok child’s personal talents in line with their mental and physical abilities.

  • To prepare the Children at Matonyok for an active adult life in a free society.

  • To set and attain development goals for the home and it’s children.